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IIS 6.0 & 2003 - No SSL with OWA

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  • IIS 6.0 & 2003 - No SSL with OWA

    I followed the guide to setting up OWA with SSL. Everything went fine, except the end result. Accessing the https website for email gives a "The page cannot be displayed" error. I double checked the settings, certificate has no given errors, SSL with 128bit enabled under secure communications in the exchange virtual directory is enabled. Removing SSL and the website is accessible via http.

    Some background:
    Using default website
    Have multiple websites under it (OWA, OMA, Public website)
    All run under same IP
    All function properly (except when SSL is enabled for OWA)
    Certificate configured for Encrypted email (using OWA certificate)

    Not sure what else to check at this point, as its a pretty simple procedure. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks.


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    Re: IIS 6.0 & 2003 - No SSL with OWA

    Any firewalls placed between you and the server ?

    You are not trying to use Host headers are you ?

    Is the site setup to run off 443 for SSL ? (I know this is auto set but best to check).

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      Re: IIS 6.0 & 2003 - No SSL with OWA

      OMA required me to add a host header in order for it to work. My advanced website identification shows the following:

      Multiple identities for this website: 80
      Default 80 80 NETBIOS_name

      Multiple SSL identities for this website: 443