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  • DNS Problems?

    Hi all, iīve installed a new AD server W2K, with DNS and DHCp on the same server. My customer have about 15 computers in the network. Iīve been taking out all of the computers of the former Domain and then introduce them to the new domain. When I log on as an domain admin and then tries to do the user member of the local admin group I canīt choose the domain the only thing I see is the computer Iīm logged onto. But (and now comes the funny part! (not)! About 10 of the computers is working properly! So my question to some expert around the world is whats wrong I think there is something with the DNS. One other thing: I can browse the network on all machine but I canīt connect to Internet on the "failure" computers.
    Any one got an idea?
    Regards Kjell

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    Re: DNS Problems?

    did you compare ipconfig between a pc that connect to that does not connect?
    can you give us ipconfig from one pc?


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      Re: DNS Problems?

      have you try to query DNS ? what is a ouptput of NSLOOKUP from those of client systems ?

      would u give us nslookup results from two clients (1 not working and 1 working )



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        Re: DNS Problems?

        There are a number of things you need to check.

        Has your DHCP scope ran out of addresses?? If they are static are they in the correct scope??

        Are the machines actually on the domain?? If they are then remove them and add again. Check this in ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) on the server.

        You are trying to logon to the domain? Immediately after joining the domain you need to change the "Logon to" to your domain.

        Is there a network cable plugged into the machine?? Silly i know but it happens.