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    I have a Windows 2003 standard server with a 10 gb partition (o/s, program files etc), and a 56 gb partition (mostly file storage). The problem is that the free space being reported on the 56 gb partition appears to be incorrect. When I open "My Computer" on this server this is what I see:

    Total size: 56.1 gb
    Free space: 3.33 gb

    However, when I select all folders on this partition and look at the properties, the total size of all the data is 29 gb.

    So, the question is what is taking up the other 23 gb of space? The immediate issue is that I'm going to run out of disk space before long if I don't find out what's taking up all this extra room. I've emptied the recycle bin and cleaned out temporary internet files.

    FYI this server is one of two active directory servers in the network and acts solely as a file and print server.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Disk space

    You might not have the "Show hidden files and Folders" option selected on the View tab in Folder Options of Windows Explorer. Also uncheck 'Hide protected operating system files'. Then view the properties of all your folders.

    You might narrow you search to large files of say 10MB or more.

    Another thing to note: If you have lots of small files which are smaller than the allocation unit they could be wasting space. Convert to NTFS if you havn't already .
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      Re: Disk space

      Hidden files / folders?
      System files / folder?

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        Re: Disk space

        Hi all,

        Thanks for the suggestions. I have enabled the viewing of hidden files, and protected system files. I'm still showing the same results. Paging file size is 460 mb.

        Something I can't see is still using 23 gb of space on this partition.

        BTW file system is NTFS.

        Any more suggestions?

        Thanks a bunch!


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          Re: Disk space

          Is this system connected to the Net? Maybe it has been hacked and you have a hidden FTP running on it.
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            Re: Disk space

            have you try using system mechanic ? try looking at tmp files !



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              Re: Disk space

              Hello all,

              Many thanks for all your suggestions. Last evening I rebooted the server and all the disk space I was missing showed up. Go figure. I was planning to run a rootkit detector on it. There's a really good free one from It will show any files that are hidden from the Windows API. If the problem comes back, I'll look in this direction. For now the issue is resolved.

              Thanks again,