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moving roaming profile.

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  • moving roaming profile.


    I ve to install a new server in a new domain and keep the director 's profile (roaming).

    is it possible to move "a roaming profile" that is in a domain ( toward in a different domain : "" ?

    If yes , how to do it ? thank's
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    Re: moving roaming profile.

    that depends.

    say user1 belongs to originally and so does their profile reside on there.

    now are you saying you want user1 to still login to, but have their profile stored on a file server that resides on

    if that is the case, simply its a matter of access. the roaming profile can be stored anywhere, heck even a samba share.
    You just have to make sure you first: have a 2 way trust between the 2 domains. Add your user from to a file share in and make sure that user has read/write permission to that share.

    then adjust your user1 on profile path to say:


    now if you are saying you want user1 to login into and have their profile exist on as well, basically a full user migration from one domain to another.

    then run ADMT V3. migrate their user account over to the new domain. Move their roaming profile to a new on the new domain. Adjust their profile path. you can do that manually or via script. Since you only have 2 users, manually shouldn't be tooo pain staking

    i'm actually going to be doing this soon, so thats what i believe should work. if it doesn't, then you and i shall know very soon