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    Hi all,

    Been using this site a lot over the last few days so thought id sign up to the forums! Any who down to business, I've set up a test server 2003 and computer in vmware to help with a written project ive been given from college. AD, DNS, DHCP all working fine. What I'm unsure on is email server set up.

    As an example for a small business if i set up a simple smtp/pop3 in server 2003 where would i get the settings from?
    Would this allow external email or just internal?
    How would I sign up for external email, would this be provided by an isp or a website? If I had my own website, would I get the settings from my web hosting company? Basically just confused how it all works as I've only ever used personal email from google.
    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Email Server setup

    couple of options.

    Firstly, you could use an external, hosted email solution. Whether this is Office365, or hosted exchange, or even just "ISP Provided" imap-pop3/smtp solution. And of course, there is Exchange. (and lotus notes, and some other options. but let's leave that alone.)

    I would suspect there's some sort of need for cost benefit analysis in there.

    Basically.. to setup a fully fledged, internal mail solution, you would look at using Microsoft Exchange. When you combine this with Microsoft Outlook, you don't need to be as concerned with things like SMTP and POP3 servers - it uses a different concept for client mail connection.

    You would still need to definitely open port 25 on your firewall, and connect it to the mail server so you can receive inbound email.

    To setup just a simple "pop3/smtp" Server within Windows 2003, I think you would need to use something other than Exchange. If you were going to install the power that is exchange, you wouldn't then use just pop3.
    that said, I have just found this article.

    (PS - POP3 is a very old, very insecure protocol, and there's almost no reason to use it any more.)

    If you wanted to ask some more, pointed, questions, I'd be happy to try and helkp more..
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