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Need help regaining Admin rights

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  • Need help regaining Admin rights

    Hi, I have a Dell PowerEdge 800 with windows server 2003. I don't know the admin password so I can't log-on as Administrator.

    Here's what I've done so far:

    1) NT Offline Password tool -- not effective

    2) Live CD Password tool -- not effective

    3) Kon-Boot password tool -- not effective

    4) F5 on boot --> Directory Services Restore Mode --> Grants access in Safe Mode

    Now I'm on the computer but I still don't have domain admin rights to access the Active Directory or import anything through the disk drive.

    I've tried going to command prompt and typing: net user Administrator * > and changing the password but it doesn't make a difference when I try to get into the Active Directory Users and Computers.

    The error message is "To manage users and groups on this computer, use Local Users and Groups. To manage users, groups, and computers in a domain, log on as a user with domain administration rights."

    My goal is to use this server to host a website.

    What do I need to do?

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    Re: Need help regaining Admin rights

    ask the previous owner for the admin password, or

    how much time have you spent trying to release the password, and how long would a rebuild take you ?
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