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Windows 2003 slow printing via RDS

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  • Windows 2003 slow printing via RDS


    I wonder if someone can shed a light. I have a Windows 2003 32-bit server acts as printer server for 7 printers/photocopiers. Printing into an Oce copier started getting slower and slower when you print from Remote Desktop or Citrix. I have removed the printer and uninstalled the drivers and reinstated it. If you print on the server itself it work fine but as soon as you try to print Remote Desktop or Citrix it takes 1 min to start the job. The spool setting are identical of all other printers and copiers.

    I provisioned another server to see if that server is the cause and I got the same result. The manufacturer does not think it is the copier and I donít know what else I can try to diagnose this issue.


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    Re: Windows 2003 slow printing via RDS

    If you print a small text file is takes long time ?
    The printers and the servers (Print servers/Terminal servers) are in the same LAN or over the WAN?

    When you connect with remote desktop is possible to bring the printer from your pc and the print request to go Server-PC-Print server-Printer and not Server - Print server-Printer. before you print check the name of the printer if is "printer name" or " printer name of pc-name" or something close


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      Re: Windows 2003 slow printing via RDS

      Check your printer's vendor site for driver for Terminal server.
      The driver of questioned printer would not belong to correct version. I percieved hardware vendors have different drivers for remote services. Also compare that you not caching print jobs before printing in direct and remote sessions. probably you may selected cache job before printing in remote sessions that is why printing is slow. I also check event viewer for any driver or printing related warnings.