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running adprep /forestprep fail

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  • running adprep /forestprep fail

    Hi all,

    I'm having problem with running adprep /forestprep /domainprep on the DC. What I have is server1 and server2. server1 is active and server2 is to replace server2.

    Now, I have moved fsmo roles from server1 to server2 and run adprep /forestprep but it keeps erroring out at schema18 with error

    C:\IOP>ldifde -i -f inetorgpersonalprevent.ldf -v -c
    DC=X "CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=com"
    Connecting to ""
    Logging in as current user using SSPI
    Importing directory from file "inetorgpersonalprevent.ldf"
    Error occured during initialization
    File operation failure
    0 entries modified successfully.
    An error has occurred in the program

    In the logs it shows that

    Entry DN: CN=ms-Exch-Assistant-Name,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=com
    Add error on line 1: Unwilling To Perform
    The server side error is "Schema update failed in recalculating validation cache."
    An error has occurred in the program

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: running adprep /forestprep fail

    You know, it sounds like there is a problem with your schema. What schema updates have you done in the past? And were those all regular MS upgrades, or did they involve 3rd-party stuff?


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      Re: running adprep /forestprep fail

      Is this related to your other post??

      Are you running adprep on your Windows 2000 box??


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        Re: running adprep /forestprep fail's the same one. I click submit twice.

        Yea...i'm running adprep on a w2k box with fsmo roles on it


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          Re: running adprep /forestprep fail

          Are you running as Schema Administrator?
          Verify that you have the Schema Master role on the server.

          Run DCdiag and Netdiag to check for errors and FSMO role placement.