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Server 2000 machine won't join 2008 r2 domain

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  • Server 2000 machine won't join 2008 r2 domain

    Hello Everyone.

    I am converting our win 2000 domain to a win 2008R2 domain. Our old win2k domain's active directory was corrupted and would not transition to a 2008. So I decided to recreate the domain using 2008 R2 standard. The old domain consisted of two DC and about 30 workstations. The plan was to move all the workstations to the 2008 domain, migrating the local user accounts, then demote the both of the win2k DCs and join them to the 2008 domain. Once they were up and in running I would move all the data and apps then finally shut off the win 2k servers.

    I got all the workstations moved to the 2008 domain. The first win2k DC demoted and joined the 2008 domian. When it came time to demote the second and last DC the demotion process would not work. We had a couple of old DC that I have never been able to remove. So I ran dcpromo /forceremoval. This seemed to work but now I can not join the win2k server to the 2008 domain. I get an error stating "The service cannot be started, either because is is disabled or because it has no enabled device associated with it."

    Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Server 2000 machine won't join 2008 r2 domain

    Decided it was not worth the time. We copied the data and moved the apps to another server. We will wipe this one when we have everything we need off of it.

    Incidentally the machine says all the drivers are stopped but it is still running.

    Thanks to all for any time you spent pondering this issue.