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Win2k3 Server Implementation Woes

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  • Win2k3 Server Implementation Woes

    Hello, and help!

    I'm having some terrible problems with installing a new Windows 2003 Server into an existing Windows 2000 domain. My current problem is that the network is really really slow. This is after I've tinkered with the DHCP settings to make sure all users are only using this new server.

    An additional problem is if I restarted my new windows 2003 server, and shutdown the old windows 2000 server. The windows 2003 server will not find the domain or have anything listed in active directory. Now many websites mention to transfer domain files over, but it seems that it needs to be done by replication. Since I cannot determine when replication actually does its thing, is there anyway to manually do it?

    Here are some additional errors that might help in finding the solution to my problem:

    I receive this error message about every 8 minutes: USERENV: CANNOT OBTAIN DOMAIN CONTROLLER NAME.

    Also, Group Policy Management could not contact any domain controllers in the domain. After following the windows prompt and removing trust delegation on the server and going back into GPM, it says the network path is not found when trying to configure Group Policy.

    Another thing that cannot be overlooked is that I want to remove the old windows 2000 server from the network completely. This windows 2003 server is to "replace" the windows 2000 server.

    Any suggestions would be welcome as I'm fresh out!

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    Re: Win2k3 Server Implementation Woes

    All this strongly suggests DNS problems. Solve those, and all will fall into place. Check that:

    1. the AD DNS zone is AD integrated
    2. the W2003 DC has the DNS service installed, and actually hosts the AD zone
    3. the W2003 DC points to itself as a DNS client
    4. all other computers have BOTH DC's as their DNS
    5. the w2003 DC is a Global Catalog.

    > Another thing that cannot be overlooked is that I want to remove the old windows 2000 server from the network completely

    Then you must also transfer all 5 FSMO roles.