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Can WS 2003 create a domain (.com)?

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  • Can WS 2003 create a domain (.com)?

    Is it possible to create a domain (.com) for my website using Windows Server 2003?
    I have the website running on an IIS server, but can you create a domain (like .com or using WS 2003? If so, could you tell me or link me to a tutorial how?

    If not, how do domain registration websites create domain names? What do they use?

    Thanks (I'm new to WS 2003 and Networking )

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    Re: Can WS 2003 create a domain (.com)?

    I can see that you're new.

    So what you do is purchase a domain name from a registrar. You then setup a DNS record for your domain that would point to the server hosting your site.

    If you were to use Windows 2003 for hosting your site, you would just need to setup the content on the 2003 server and then add the appropriate DNS record for your domain to point it to your Windows 2003 server.

    Other things you'll need:
    - allow TCP port 80 (and port 443) through your firewall to your Windows server
    - a static, public IP address for your Windows 2003 server that is hosting your site (you can use a dynamic IP address but this is not recommended)

    If you're just messing around and learning then go for it and see how far you can get. If this is to support a business then I would suggest getting a consultant to help you out.

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      Re: Can WS 2003 create a domain (.com)?

      Domain registration websites create domain (like .com, .co, .org...etc).
      You create a domain(.local).