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Mapped Drives appearing out of no where.

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  • Mapped Drives appearing out of no where.

    we have a windows 2003 server used for printer and limited file sharing services. Today for no apparent reason every drive letter a-z except for x was mapped to a different client pc in our domain's C$. the drives say disconnected but if you double click them you can still access it. running net use from the command prompt only the 3 mapped drives that are suspose to be their show up. The rest are not listed at all. it will not let you delete the mapped drives saying they do not exist. if you go to map network drives through explorer nothing shows up in the drive drop down box except for X: which isn't mapped to anything. anyone have any idea what is happening? i've read the articles about fastfind for office but office isn't even installed on this machine as it is a server.
    MCSE 2000\2003, A+