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Win 2003 log on problem (very annoying)

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  • Win 2003 log on problem (very annoying)


    I have a very annoying problem lately on one of my servers. When the server starts it stays a very long time (about 20-30minutes!!!) on Applying computers settings. I have check in the microsoft knowledegde base and it says that it can be due to some services or applications still running on an user. It says to install UPHCLEAN what I did but I still have the problem. It is not a DNS problem has I can do a nslookup, I can ping it and it is reachable on the network (share drive,computer manager,...). The Remote Desktop of course doesn't work as well, after having entered my username and password I get the same problem (stuck on Applying computer settings...).
    There are no particular error messages in the event viewer.

    Does someone have an idea??????

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    Re: Win 2003 log on problem (very annoying)

    UPHC is mainly used for resolving loggin off problems within windows and terminal server environments - I thsouldn't help lfix logging on problems.

    When you ping the server does it reply with the FQDN i.e. or does it just reply with the NETBIOS name?

    I had a similar problem and someone had removed the primary DNS suffix from the change computer name option within my computer properties.

    re-adding the DNS suffix and restarting the PC fixed the problem

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      Re: Win 2003 log on problem (very annoying)

      Slow logons are nearly always caused by DNS.

      If this is one your server and the server is a DC then ensure that it points to itself for DNS resolution.

      If its a member server ensure that the server points to the correct server for name resolution.

      Insert the correct DNS Suffix, should always be done as default on a server anyway.