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Virtual directory requiring additional login? WTF?

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  • Virtual directory requiring additional login? WTF?

    OK, AD installed on domain controllers. Multiple groups, users in groups. Everything is hunky dorey on the network.

    I'm trying to add a virtual directory to a website in IIS. Only problem is, when I try to connect to that virtual directory, it again prompts me for a user login. My login fails. In fact, all logins fail. Administrator, etc.

    Why is it prompting for login, when permissions are set to use the credentials that were passed in the first place? (getting tot he main site requires a login)

    Main server --> virtual directory --> folder on a machine on the network

    I tried sharing the folder on the machin eon the network, and that didn't help at all. Still requires login, still rejects everyone. I can login to the machine just fine (it's authenticatin all users on the domain no problem).

    I need to figure this out by tomorrow morning. Is there anyone that can help me?