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Allowing a cgi executable to write in a web folder

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  • Allowing a cgi executable to write in a web folder

    OK, simple question. I have a cgi executable, and I need this executable to be called whenever an image file does not exist on the website. The script will take an image from a remote server, and place it in a subdirectory of the website. What I'm having a problem with right now, is that I don't think the cgi executable is able to write to the subfolder in IIS.

    TO be honest, I don't know if this is a code problem, or an IIS configuration problem. This is why I'm asking you guys to see if I have my IIS config correct!


    This is added as a virtual directory in IIS.

    In the config for the web site, on the Home Directory tab I have Read & Log Visits checked, and testfile.exe as the application name, starting point is <default website>, exe permissions are set to scripts and executables, application pool is set to DefaultAppPool.

    Is there anything else IIS/cgi specific that needs to be configured to allow this to happen? I *don't* need to allow write access to the destination folder of wher ethe script will be writing it's files, correct? The Write permission in IIS is strictly for web user write access (as in via browser, put, etc), not for local access?