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One domain user cannot connect to SBS 2003

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  • One domain user cannot connect to SBS 2003

    Hi All, I'm having a strange problem.

    We have a number of users who log into their workstations with their server log-ins. Everything is running smoothly accept for one user.

    Yesterday, everything worked fine.

    Today, the user can log in to their workstation using the server details and once logged in is connected to the server network and can browse the internet with no problems.

    However, the user cannot connect (or map) a shared drive on the server. The error message is 'No More Connections can be made to this remote computer...'

    Also, the user's Outlook can't connect to the exchange. I have tried the OWA route and receive a HTTP 500 error.

    The shared drive can be mounted using another users credentials, and OWA can be accessed using another users details so it doesn't seem to be a network problem.

    To try and exhaust the issue, I created a new user in SBS with the default user template (like all the other users have) and tried that.

    Strangely this new user had the exact same issues, which seems to tell me this is server issue.

    Can anyone help? If I need to provide more information I will gladly do so.

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    Re: One domain user cannot connect to SBS 2003

    Interesting development / more info

    The new user I set up was very close to the original, in that the surname was the same and the exchange address was just the forename without the first letter of the surname.

    I wonder if this is useful, as I have since made a new user with completely different names/alias and it can connect to the server using the same workstation without any issue what so ever.

    Which makes me think that it has something to do with either the surname or the alias. Has the server 'blocked' this user/alias string? Where would I find such security?
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