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  • DNS Problem...

    This is a tricky problem to describe without being too verbose, so I offer my apologies to start...

    I currently have two domains. I'm in the process of migrating from an NT 4 SP6a domain to a Windows Server 2003 domain. I have both domains running in parallel. Each trusts the other. My proxy server and mail server still reside in the NT domain. Both face the outside world.

    Now the problem, if I log onto the new Win 2K3 domain at one of the servers (either the domain controller or a member server) I can ping machines on my NT domain by name. If I log onto the new Win2K3 domain from a workstation and try to ping machines on my NT domain I get timed out.

    One more thing and it seems that this is a good clue - I just can't figure out how to use it.

    I mentioned that the proxy server and mail server on the NT domain are facing the outside world. When I ping by name from a Win2K3 server, I see:

    Pinging servername [] with 32 bytes of data...

    and I get a good reply.

    When I ping from a workstation, I see:

    Pinging servername [] with 32 bytes of data...

    and it times out.

    In other words, when I ping from a server it's trying to ping the internal IP address. When I ping from a laptop on the network it's trying to ping the NT server's external address (and timing out).

    I'm lost! It seems to be a DNS problem but I'm not sure how or why.

    Any clues?

    Thanks and best regards.

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    Re: DNS Problem...

    or a routing problem?
    there are in different network segments.
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      Re: DNS Problem...

      Thanks for your reply Marcel.

      They're on the same network segment - the only router I have stands between my networks and the internet.


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        Re: DNS Problem...

        As a further clarification, the workstation that is having the name resolution problems does have a WINS server specified.

        It's the only WINS server on my network. It resides on the NT side and it's the same one used by the Win 2K3 servers that can successfully resolve (and ping) networks names.

        Since I'm trying to resolve (and ping) names of servers on the NT side, I thought it relevant to mention this.

        Thanks again everyone!


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          Re: DNS Problem...

          A bit more information...

          I found that I can successfully ping, by name, any machine on the NT side of the network with the exception of the few servers that I have which have externally facing IP addresses (as mentioned below).

          These few servers have internal (10.x.x.x) IP addresses. They are also hidden behind NAT at my firewall and there given an external IP address (222.168.x.x, for example). My T1 provider has a DNS zone file on his end that manages these servers to the outside world. I am doing nothing in my network zone files to handle this address translation (I'm letting my T1 provider continue to handle it).

          So, I guess my questions then can be synthesized as follows:

          1. Why, when I ping these few servers, is PING trying to find the machine by it's external IP address and not its internal address as it does with all other devices on my network (whether the NT side of the Win 2K3 side)?

          2. How can I fix it?

          3. Does it make sense that I let my T1 Provider continue to handle the zone files for my externally facing severs whilst I manage only internal DNS on my Win2K3 network?

          Thanks so much for your help!!