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Backup File server and Active directory

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  • Backup File server and Active directory

    Does anyone know how to Backups on a regular basis my file server and active directory server. Keeping them on a safe place.
    Can anyone teach me how do i do this please?? step by step..
    thank you

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    Re: Backup File server and Active directory

    You can use NTBackup which is installed with the OS or purchase a separate product and use that.

    As for backing up AD make sure you backup your System State.

    BTW there is a wonderful tool out there called Google and if you type in a search query like, Backup System state using NTBackup, it will come back with tons of results.


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      Re: Backup File server and Active directory

      Yeah i know that google does the search and it really helps but there are milions of answeres and i cannot just test them i am a newbie and wanted an advice from a professional IT Admin who could take 1 minute and exaplain me shortly whith what do i need to start from etc... how to do it.. But i will try to google the NT backup idea. My servers are using win 2003 server ..


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        Re: Backup File server and Active directory

        You don't need to test them all.

        Find one that best suits your needs and test that one.


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          Re: Backup File server and Active directory

          If you want simplicity and zero cost, just use NTBACKUP with the "backup everything" option selected.
          If you are willing to use a bit more, NTBackup Tutorial gives a more restricted set of hits
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            Re: Backup File server and Active directory

            I am just wondering if yllnelaj has been a bit confused with the name NTBackup being on a Windows 2003 Server.

            As suggested above, type ntbackup from the Run line (or find it in the Accessories --> System Tool --> Backup ) and either use the Wizard or configure what you want to backup manually. It is a fairly easy tool to use and if you play with it for a few minutes all your fears will disappear.

            One thing to remember, check your backup's integrity by doing a test Restore frequently. Make sure you choose to NOT restore to the backup location but rather to a test folder.

            NTBackup Tutorials for Server 2003

            Post back with further questions that may arise during the learning curve.
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