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  • Complete peace of mind wanted...


    Hi all

    I want to have complete peace of mind when it comes to users data / home drives. At present each users My Documents is pointed at their home drive (N: ). If this server should fail for one reason of another i want it to fail over to another server... where there will be an exact copy of their home drive including any documents they may be working on.

    What is the best / most effective / cost efficient way of doing this? ALL ideas considered.

    Oh by the way... We currently run Windows Server 2003 with an external software RAID array at the moment.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Complete peace of mind wanted...

    a raid solution won't help you really if you want fail over. It has redudancy, but if the server dies (other hardware dies on it)..HD redudancy won't help you in that aspect. Still takes time to recover.

    what you are looking for then is clustering.

    if you cluster windows 2003 file servers, when one server dies, it automatically redirects users over to another server. To the end user, there is a single point of access, but on the backend its multiple copies of the same thing.

    so you might want to consder the clustering option in windows 2003. I believe the enterprise edition carries the clustering, though i am not completely sure.

    The good thing about clustering, it can be cost effective depending on the type of hardware you choose. You could easily cluster 4 dell 1u servers that cost about $1000 each. Of course the better the servers you pick, the more it costs depending on the number of servers you want to cluster.

    or you may want to look into "blade server" solutions. they work the same way as clustering but its packaged neatly into one 6 u rack unit i think.


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      Re: Complete peace of mind wanted...

      oh to add.

      i completely forgot this. but you can use DFS. It comes with the standard win2k3 and you don't have to use identical hardware like clustering.

      its the cheapest solution i can think of and provides failover because DFS will replicate the same info over several share locations, but the users are still using single share point.