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Active directory dns replication parent/child zones

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  • Active directory dns replication parent/child zones


    This is my first post, I've had lots of useful info from this forum in the past and so I hope you can help with this problem.

    I have a test domain consisting of a parent domain (parent.lan) and a child domain (child.parent.lan) Both have just the one dc, both running win 2003 server.

    The parent DNS zone is set to replicate to all dns servers in the forest, so as the child domain dc is a dns server it should receive the parent dns zone right?
    I can't see the zone in the child dc's dns mmc panel.

    I've run replmon and dnslint reports and both show replication working ok. My question is, should the parent dns zone be visible on the child domain controllers dns mmc panel?

    Thanks very much.