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Intermittent slow network access from Win 7 machines

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  • Intermittent slow network access from Win 7 machines

    Our organisation has 4 computer rooms, each with 30 PCs.

    3 rooms are running Windows XP x86, and one is running Windows 7 Pro X86.

    All machines access shares on a x86 Server 2003 box.

    The network access on SOME of the Windows 7 machines is horribly slow, as in 10 mins to open a word document on a share, 15 mins to add network printer. When other computer rooms are turned off, netowrk access in this room is fine.


    4 Comptuer Rooms: Room A, B, C, D

    Room A linked to Room B, Room B linked to Room C, Room C linked to Room D.

    ISP comes into switch in Room A. Server is located on a switch off Room D. The network problem is occuring at Room B.

    I can plug and XP machine into the same network point and it works fine. I've investigated turning off IPv6, and auto-tuning, but still no success.

    There are never any problems with network access speeds form the XP machines. Anyone any troubleshooting ideas?