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Problem 2003r2 DC Tombstoned

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  • Problem 2003r2 DC Tombstoned

    hello, i have two 2003 r2 controllers that are not replicating anymore. sadly i believe it was a time change on the main dc that caused the 2nd. dc to become tombstoned. running dcdiag, repadmin indicate a 8614 error.
    i have read about a fix
    repadmin /regkey * +allowDivergent

    have others done this to get this DC back online. trying to avoid demoting,etc.

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    Re: Problem 2003r2 DC Tombstoned

    this has been less than 60 days since it's last replication... there had been changes to the AD since then of course, but not many.
    will the AD that is current replicate it's data over to the other DC when and if i can get it back online?
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      Re: Problem 2003r2 DC Tombstoned

      yes, newer data will overwrite. I'm assuming there haven't been changes made on the offline DC?

      You could increase the Tombstone lifespan possibly also
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        Re: Problem 2003r2 DC Tombstoned

        hi, thanks for the reply. no changes are ever done to the offline DC.

        didn't think the tombstone time was up yet but unfortunately everything broke today

        are you thinking if i increase the tombstone time i may be able to replicate?


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          Re: Problem 2003r2 DC Tombstoned

          to start, i changed the Tombstone time but that did not change any replication issues.
          so i ended up editing the Registry of the 'problem 2003 R2 SP2 DC' and added the statement to allow Replication and set the Value to 1.
          i then went to Replmon app and added the two Servers in question. i checked the AD Sites and Services and forced replication on the problem 2003 DC. i then went back to Replication Monitor and everything showed as running normally. i then went into the AD Users and Computer on the problem 2003 DC but certain items(mostly users) were not replicated. i went back into Sites and Services and forced a replication on the good 2003 DC and then checked again. all objects look to be replicated now.
          when i run dcdiag no errors show except for the system log one.

          i will still need to set the registry setting back to 0 to disable it.

          hopefully this will help others with similar problems.


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            Re: Problem 2003r2 DC Tombstoned

            Nice that you included setting the DWord back to ZERO when finished as that is important.

            Also well done on solving the issue fairly quickly and Thank You for posting back with the solution and sharing it with the rest of the Community. Now that really is appreciated!!
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              Re: Problem 2003r2 DC Tombstoned

              I set the Registry back to 0 last evening and checked everything this morning... so far no errors reporting.
              i rebooted the problem DC again this morning and checked the logs. no errors there either

              i'm sure glad this issue came up because i'm about to introduce a new 2008 box to the fold and having the AD messed up would have cause some major headaches. the errors probably would have been caught though as i have a relatively thorough check list that i've had help in creating from some others on this site.
              i won't be adding the 2008 DC to the mix until later. let things settle a bit here and monitor them more closely.

              the tool i used to change the Tombstone was ADSI which is a GUI app from the Resource Kit. that didn't change anything in my situation though.