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Server 2003 test lab question: NAT, DNS

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  • Server 2003 test lab question: NAT, DNS


    I have a little test lab set up for learning Server 2003 (and 2008 later on). What I want to do is create a domain within my existing (school) domain. I've experimented with using 2003 as a NAT router and having hosts behind it browsing the Internet, pinging each other, etc., but now I'd like to get more into DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory.

    I have a D-Link wired router that I can use for NAT and I've even used an OpenBSD appliance for NAT.

    What I'd like to know is if I can use a single multi-homed Server 2003 box for NAT, DHCP, DNS, and Active Directory or should NAT be separate from DNS?


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    Re: Server 2003 test lab question: NAT, DNS

    It's more that Active Directory should generally not be a multi-homed server iirc
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      Re: Server 2003 test lab question: NAT, DNS

      I did get it to work after getting things running using a separate router:

      NIC (facing school network)
      (via school's DHCP)
      Sub. M.:
      Gateway: 192.168.x.y
      DNS: 192.168.z.a

      NIC (facing lab intranet)
      Sub. M.:
      Gateway: (left this blank; only one default router per computer)

      Ran the RRAS Wizard and set up NAT. Once I had it running I decided that I'd rather have a separate device between my school network and my lab network so I reinstalled the router.


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        Re: Server 2003 test lab question: NAT, DNS

        You'll need to make sure that 192.168.42.x does not exist on the production network, otherwise the computers in that lab will not be able to access any target systems on that remote network.

        All of the roles could have run on that NAT box. Be very careful not to remove NAT and nstall any routing protocols on that server. If by any chance you do in the future, and the routers on the school's network are not properly configured, the schools routers will begin to share routing information with your NAT server and change the traffic flow on the schools network.
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