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Error #5: Access has been denied.

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  • Error #5: Access has been denied.

    Currently, we have (2) Win2k3 domain controllers in our AD structure. All users can login perfectly in windows/mac/linux environments.

    In many cases, people are booting machines up via floppy disk created by Norton Ghost. The driver for the nic loads, they recieve an ip via dhcp, yet when they attempt to login with the proper credentials, they will *sometimes* recieve the following error:

    Error #5: Access has been denied

    This does not happen all the time, as other people can log in just fine, but viewing their permissions on the DC's, there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, and no user or group changes took place. Sometimes the problem occurs for a couple people for a few hours, or possibly even all day. Another user will have to come by, login, and then everything will work.

    Any ideas on this? I've searched the messageboard here and came across possible solutions, but they gave links to dead MS KB/TN articles which doesn't help me at all. I'd rather not make modifications to our company's servers unless I know for a fact those changes resolve the problem without introducing some new security risk.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Re: Error #5: Access has been denied.

    Do you have SMB signing turned on in your environment ?
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      Re: Error #5: Access has been denied.

      Hello all,

      I am having the exact same problem when I try to use a ghost boot disk and attempt boot to a server running symantec ghost, for cloning PCs, in my organisation.

      After entering a valid username and password, I get the message "Error 5: Access has been denied".

      Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

      I have checked numerous forums on the Internet and cannot find any clear solution, to this problem. It is causing massive delay in getting work done, in the cloning of PCs, in my organisation.

      I am using Windows 2003 Server (for image-storage) and NetBeui on the bootable floppy disks.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      S W


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        Re: Error #5: Access has been denied.

        2003 is not happy talking to DOS boot disks without major breaches in security.
        Check out this link for more information

        I use Drive Image from an XP box without any authentication problems

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          Re: Error #5: Access has been denied.

          Have you tried using ghost32 with a winpe disk??

          Thats how we image our machines using ghost


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            Re: Error #5: Access has been denied.

            I haven't used winpe with Ghost32.

            Is it possible to create a winpe bootable floppy disk, which would work similar to the NetBeui disk?

            Are there any special requirements, on the Domain Controller, for WinPE?

            Thanks & Regards,



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              Re: Error #5: Access has been denied.

              WinPE is simply a cut down version of Windows XP.

              All i have is a share with the relevant images and the ghost32 executable.

              I boot from the CD that i created and map a share to the server using net use.

              Run the ghost32 exe and load the image to the drive.