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network time server clock always off

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  • network time server clock always off

    We have a windows 2000 advanced server domain controller that is the network time server for about 25 windows xp and 7 client computers. The clocks on the clients stay in sync with the server, but since the server is always 15 minutes behind, all the computers are behind. I can adjust the time on the server manually but by the next day, or sooner, it's moved back by 15 minutes again. How can I tell where the server is getting it's time from and can I change it to a more accurate time source ?

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    Re: network time server clock always off

    You should be able to determine your PDCs time source by going out to a command prompt and running:

    C:\>w32tm /dumpreg /subkeyarameters

    If the value for Type is the default of NT5DS, then you're using the normal domain hierarchy and since you're at the top of the domain it's probably using the servers internal hardware clock. If the value for Type is NTP, then whatever is set for the NtpServer value is what you're synchronizing with.

    This Microsoft kb doc instructs how to configure a W2K PDC to synchronize with an external time source.