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client ssl certificate

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  • client ssl certificate


    I am trying to use Verisign Client certificates for all users in our company for connecting to a web page running on IIS6. The webserver is running in a datacenter in a different country.

    All users in the head office connect to a Windows 2003 domain controller for authentication. The webserver is not part of this domain.

    I have tested client certs on 1 user and it works perfectly. But my problem is we have 50 users and installing this cert on all users pc manually is tedious.

    Is there any way to automate this process, auto enroll certificates feature in windows ( may be) so that when users login their user cert is installed.
    I know it is possible with windows CA but wondering how to do this using a third party Cert. All client certs are specific to users and is mapped on 1-1 basis in IIS6.