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Using boot cd to align and partition a system?

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  • Using boot cd to align and partition a system?


    I want to run Microsoft diskpart.exe on a hard disk in a system that does not have Windows 2003 installed to align the partitions. Before arriving to the location with the system I tried creating a boot floppy and copied diskpart.exe to the floppy and booted to DOS. But diskpart claims it cannot be run in DOS mode. Some additional info is:

    1. Do not want to download non-MS media from the Internet
    2. No access to another system to temporarily install the hard disk.
    3. I do have 2003 installer media with me.

    Can disk alignment and partitioning be done with minimal tools?

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    Re: Using boot cd to align and partition a system?

    Reading up on the issue of aligning disks to optimize performance, it appears that you must have a running OS to use diskpart.exe to do what you're trying to do. So on the surface, no you can't do what you're trying to do, the way you're trying to do it.

    Also, is it needful? Another find thru searching is that such alignments are primarily concentrated on SSD, RAID disks, or other storage, but not for boot volumes. Since you have to have a booted OS to use your tools, that follows.

    Not what you want to hear, but does it save you time in your pursuits?
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