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File Share Issue

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  • File Share Issue

    I have several Windows 2003 servers with the same identical configuration. However, I am unable to view shares on one server in particular. I'm unable to telnet on ports 139 and 445 to this server, however the server is listening on those ports and I'm able to telnet to those ports if I'm on the box itself. There are no firewalls in between these devices (all the same subnet). From the device that is having the issues I'm able to browse UNC shares on other devices, just not the other way around.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: File Share Issue

    is the server service running? can you ping the server? what happens when you run \\servername any errors ?


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      Re: File Share Issue

      We can ping the IP, and telnet to most ports aside from 139/445 as far as I know.

      If we try to browse by name or IP (any IP on the device for that matter) we receive: no network provider accepted the given path

      And the server service is started.