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Using External OWA URL internally

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  • Using External OWA URL internally

    Have a little puzzle to solve here... small business who have their main DC and other servers in a Datacentre and a local replica DC on site in the office.

    They were configured to use the Linksys router as the DHCP server which gave them a direct link to the Internet but no real connection to the network, so I changed it so the local DC is DHCP and DNS server, which is fine as the users can still get Internet and have access to the DC but they cannot get Outlook to connect.

    The mail server is based in the datacentre and the users have access to this in the office without VPN.

    Outlook is/was configured to use the OWA/outlook anywhere address/setting ( which was fine when they were directly connected to the Internet. Not they are "internal" again they cannot get to that URL because they cannot see the mail server.

    I have added host file entry that points the to the external IP address and this works okay. My query is there a more efficient way of doing this through DNS at all?

    The trouble is that the OWA url is also the FQDN of the main DC/Exchange box.

    I cannot buy any equipment, can only use the existing hardware/software (Windows Server 2003 and 2003 SBS)

    Any pearls of wisdom??

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    Re: Using External OWA URL internally

    I'm curious about your setup - do you have a site-to-site VPN between the datacentre and the office? Is the internal name of the domain a routable name (I.e. rather than domain.local)?
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