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Assign a Static IP Address to User

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  • Assign a Static IP Address to User

    Is there a way to assign a static IP address to users form command line in Windows Server?
    I mean, in Windows Server 2003, VPN server, how to set a value from command-line to a "Assign a Static IP Address" in "Dial-In" tab in User properties.

    Every time I re-install VPN server, I have to assign IP addresses to users manually. I can create a user, permit dial-in permission from command line, but can't assign IP address

    Pls, help.

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    Re: Assign a Static IP Address to User

    the netsh command -- it probably does it
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      Re: Assign a Static IP Address to User

      This question dosn't make sense to me. Presumably you're using RRAS (because you didn't specifiy otherwise), so the RRAS server assigns the ip address to the VPN client, either from a static ip address pool or from DHCP, whichever option you selected when you set up RRAS. What do you mean, specifically, when you say that you have to assign ip addresses to the user?


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        Re: Assign a Static IP Address to User

        I dont know if you can change the IP of the comptuer on the fly with no risks, but you should be able to assign a 2nd IP to the computer once the user logs on via Netsh (

        What are you trying to achive?
        We might know other ways to achive this for you, but if you must then use the Netsh command as a logon script, and then as part of a log off script (otherwise you will have IP conflicts).

        Also, you might want to set the user up so they can only log on one at a time, otherwise you will get IP conflicts if he logs on twice.

        Good to be back....