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Upgrade 2003 SP2 to 2003 R2

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  • Upgrade 2003 SP2 to 2003 R2


    I have 2003 SP2 DC's located in 4 different locations. We need the R2 functionality of the Interoperatability for unix. I have already done the Schema update to R2. Forest \ domain level is 2003 interim

    My question is this.

    Can I upgrade only 1 DC to R2?

    Does it have to be the PDCe or can it be one of the others?

    Thank you

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    Re: Upgrade 2003 SP2 to 2003 R2

    You can upgrade as many as you have R2 licences for. Naturally, take backups first. As long as the schema has been extended, you can have as many R2 DCs as you want. Keep in mind that you can't raise the functional level higher than the lowest Windows version you have running on a DC.
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