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Odd DNS or something today on DC's

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  • Odd DNS or something today on DC's

    I am migrating exchange and found I couldn't rehome my rus and offline address book server.

    I then started running dcdiag and both dc's failed connectivity test.
    I then restarted and changed them to point to themselves first in the NIC properties and it worked fine, dcdiag worked and all.
    The only thing failing was the KCCEVENT and system log event" Is KCC Replication?

    I always have trouble with one site replicating over in the UK but not sure if it just times out sometimes or what? It is being moved so I am not worried yet.
    I am not sure what happened and no events but my typical events at bootup on the dc's.
    The server service was unable to map error code 998. error 2510 server
    The Kerberos Key Distribution Center service hung on starting. 7022 service control manager