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Please Help - Proper DNS/DC Nic properties

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  • Please Help - Proper DNS/DC Nic properties

    I have searched up and down across the net for the right answer.

    I have 2 win 2003 dc's with dns and wins on them.
    Running on separate vlan's across a router.

    All dns works fine but I get intermittent event id's and just today dcdiag failed and then rebooted all worked fine.

    Should dc 1 point to itself first or to dc2 and itself 2nd?

    Then for dc2, itself first and dc1 2nd

    does dc1 point to dc2 first, etc.

    THANKS in advance.

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    Re: Please Help - Proper DNS/DC Nic properties


    In Windows 2000 (pre SP3 I think) you could create a 'DNS island' by pointing a DNS server to first ask it self.
    In Windows 2000 SP 3 and later (including Windows Server 2003) this is supposed to be fixed.
    If I recall right I think that in Windows Server 2003 DNS it is 'best practise' to point your DNS to itself.

    Are your zone AD integrated?
    What exactly are the events you receive?



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      Re: Please Help - Proper DNS/DC Nic properties

      It might not be dns or anything at all but I do get the same errors whenever I Reboot my dc's.

      I get
      2510 source server -The server service was unable to map error code 998.

      I can't find anything on this anywhere?