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Issues With creating Sites in Server 2003 DC

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  • Issues With creating Sites in Server 2003 DC

    Hey Guys,

    I've been using all the useful info Petri has to offer but i've stumbled across a problem i cant find a resolution for. The company I work for is currently looking to connect our 9 sites together and we're testing adding sites to our Dc which is running Server 2003. We have a vpn created between our sites and i'm researching the process of adding a site in sites and services. I've spent hours on the web and gone through microsofts write ups as well but i still have some questions.

    It seems the general idea i'm getting is that you create a site in the AD DC for the remote site and then link the sites.I've read the writeups on how to do these and they seem pretty straight forward but i'm still stumped on a few things.

    For instance is there something specific i should be naming the site or site link? Most of the write ups just say use the geographical location.

    Also how do i add another locations server to our main domain? I'm assuming i go through dcpromo but i'm not sure what steps i take during this process to connect the sites.

    Any help would be great.



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    Re: Issues With creating Sites in Server 2003 DC

    Sites represent the physical layout of your environment and the information is used to calculate replication partners, authentication servers, etc. You don't need to put a DC in every site but if there are a lot of clients there then it would be a good idea.

    In setting up the sites you can use whatever name that makes sense to you and you just need to setup one for each physical location. In ADSS you need to associate the subnets with their sites and put the DC's in their respective sites.

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      Re: Issues With creating Sites in Server 2003 DC

      a design I did a while ago, we called our sites following:


      and so on, so forth..
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