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WINS - Master browsing - VLANS - Please HELP

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  • WINS - Master browsing - VLANS - Please HELP

    Hi, This site is the best first of all.
    Now for my nightmare
    I have a 2003 domain with xp clients, running 2 dns servers, 1 exchange 2003 server and migrating OFF of a exchange 2000 server.
    At another site we have a dc/dns server, another site has the same and another one has a couple dc's and dns/wins servers.
    I want to turn off wins at our site and probably all together, is this possible and what happens if I do that? I have VLAN"s and I read that you may not be able to turn off wins if you have vlans.

    the scenario is this and I have NOT been able to find anyone that knows enough to help with this so far on other forums.
    I have multiple vlans, but 2 that are really an issue. A 2003 dc sits on each of the vlans and there is one that has most of the roles. The ISDOMAINMASTER regkey is set to TRUE on that machine with the pdc and the other server has that just set to auto.
    My network places is not updating across the vlan but also if I am on a machine that is on a .90 vlan then I might not see another machine on the same vlan in My Network Places. So My Network Places is not updating properly. I also don't see across the other vlans but some of them do show up, therefore I don't know what is going wrong with the vlans updating. So it just isn't working right.
    I ran browstat and browmon but the problem is I see the right machines listed that I want to be browsers. How does browstat and browmon really help to fix this because it just shows what machines are the browser ( I know I am missing something with these tools).

    Then I have WINS and don't think we need it, why do people with 2000/2003 have it running and what do you lose by turning it off? I read one post about not needing it for a single subnet but for multiple subnets you need it?

    What else am I missing with this issue, dns works great, netdiag, dcdiag, and everything else comes back fine.
    I am getting tons of Netlogon 5805 errors on the dc's. I am getting Netlogon 1723 as well I believe but will double check and I mean constantly on the dc event logs.

    Please assist.


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    Master Browser EXPERT?

    I am trying to fix master browser issues and currently have like 42 backup browsers and 14 master browser on a medium sized network.
    We run multiple vlans with a router between them. It is a cisco box.

    I have 2003 dc's and xp clients.
    I have read all the posts I can find and no one seems to find an answer for this or how to actually find where the problem is.


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      Re: Master Browser EXPERT?

      These topics are too similar for seperate threads.

      ** Remember to give credit where credit is due and leave reputation points sigpic where appropriate **


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        Re: WINS - Master browsing - VLANS - Please HELP

        Thanks, this seems to be a tough topic to get good answers on.