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ADC Fail after ghost image

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  • ADC Fail after ghost image

    Dear All,
    Let me describe the issue that I have we have 2 servers both with windows 2003 server with the following configuration:
    first server : Domain Controller
    2nd Server : Exchange server and additional domain controller
    My 2nd server got crashed and my colleague restored an old image that we have after he finished the restore exchange cant communicate with the DC and it is down also when I try to use any service in My domain like resetting user password it gave me access denied error.
    How can I solve this issue I have only 24 hours to make my exchange server up again or I will lose all my emails.

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    Re: ADC Fail after ghost image

    Actually most mail servers keep trying for 48 hours....

    Basically when you restored the ghost image you put the DC out of sync with the other DC
    If it didnt have Exchange on it, I would say "blow it away" but you don't have that luxury

    Since I presume you have raised the same issue at Microsoft, please see the answers there:
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      Re: ADC Fail after ghost image

      thank you very much for your reply, and is there any way to return this sync back I don't want to reinstall the OS again and I don't have a backup for my exchange I am new in this company and I have to fix too many things. I've raise it here and in Microsoft to check all solutions even if it not officially supported from Microsoft.
      and thanks again for your support.


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        Re: ADC Fail after ghost image

        Do you want to 2 Servers to get AD back syncing again? How old was the Ghost image that was restored? Is this a Tombstoned syncing problem? If it is then there is a Reg Hack that can get you around this. Tombstoned
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          Re: ADC Fail after ghost image

          can you do DSRM in non-authoritative mode ?
          how old is the ghost image?

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