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telnet errors port 23

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  • telnet errors port 23

    I made enable to telnet server, then in command prompt i typed telnet, then typed open then type lip2 (a client computer) but it is giving message "could not open to the host , on port 23 : connect failed.

    Could you pls give it's solution?

    thanks for your sincerity.

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    Re: telnet errors port 23

    Is the firewall on the target machine turned off (or the port opened)?
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      Re: telnet errors port 23

      What kind of client runs telnet? Unix-like?


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        Re: telnet errors port 23

        Do you get the same error if you use the client IP number or the full dns name?



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          Re: telnet errors port 23

          We need alot more info than you are giving us m8.

          What machine are you trying to connect to??
          What is its role??
          What client are you using??

          Can you ping the machine??
          Can you see the machine on the network??

          Why do you need to telnet to the machine??

          Give us more info and we may be able to help.