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Windows 2000 domain

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  • Windows 2000 domain

    I have a windows 2000 domain that running on PC hardware. I cannot find any info on how to move 2000 domain to newer hardware. i don't want to upgrade this to 2003 because in near future this domain will go away.

    any help would be greatly appreicated!


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    Re: Windows 2000 domain

    Same process as you would for any other install of AD.

    Buy your new equipment.
    Install Windows 2000.
    Install any relevant updates from MS.
    Install DNS, WINS.
    DCPROMO the server.
    Make the server a GC.
    Allow replication to occur between the servers.
    Transfer any FSMO roles across to the new server.
    Turn off the old server and ensure that clients are working as expected.
    Once verified DCPROMO the old server to be a member server.
    BACKUP the server then format and clean down as per your requirements.

    If the machine houses any data then you will need to move that data, we use robocopy for this purpose.

    You may also need to update any logon scripts or printers that you have installed and these may also need updated on the clients as well.