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Setup external users for FTP access

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  • Setup external users for FTP access

    Hi all,

    I have set my 2000 server up as an ftp server, with authentication, and it works well. The problem i have is that people from external organisations need access to my ftp to download architectural drawings. However, i dont want to give them a domain username and password, because AD gets messy then. Is there anyway i can setup additional users specifically for ftp access???

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    Re: Setup external users for FTP access

    Well yes you can create local user accounts on your FTP server.

    What worries me the most is the fact that you're putting a Member Server into your DMZ !! Not wise !

    An external facing FTP server should be placed in your DMZ and be a stand-alone server. All user accounts are handled locally, and with no need for internal access to your infrastructure.

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