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Active directory failure on secondary DC

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  • Active directory failure on secondary DC

    Hi, I have to servers, PDC- Baseserver and secondaryDC- Interior.

    The 2 servers are connected with mikrotik towers. Recently the motherboard of the mikrotik nuked himself and the campuses are no longer connected.

    OK. The Problem...

    My secondary DC's active directory does not want to run when i log on to the server.
    It says the domain is either unavailable or does not exist.
    It's like it replicated with "emptiness".

    The AC is set up as an global catalog.
    I have replicated the AC again on the server, but every time you turn it on or off the AC is not working.

    Anything will help. Please

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    Re: Active directory failure on secondary DC

    Ok the problem is that the 2 campuses runs on 2 different ip ranges.
    So, when i run dcpromo back at the campus with my ip in dynamic mode, and try to change it back to the different ip range on my other campus it fails to do so.

    So now the problem is that i need to let the two servers communicate in their different ip ranges.

    Is there settings in dns i can change to make this happen.
    If i had a working mikrotik router this job would have been easier... But i don't.


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      Re: Active directory failure on secondary DC

      Can both sites communicate with each other as it is???

      Is there an exisitng VPN tunnel setup???