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Convert W2K Server to VM?

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  • Convert W2K Server to VM?

    We have a SBS 2000 server that is pretty much on its last leg. A new server was purchased to replace it but it was never migrated (SBS 200. This server was brought in by someone that was acquired by us and they use their old server and our server. The server is going to eventually be phased out but I fear the server may go kaput by then. My question is could I convert it to a VM and have it run on the server with VMWare or would I be better off migrating it to the newer server they have which would run SBS 2008?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Convert W2K Server to VM?

    Do you have a VM infrastructure in place???

    If you don't then you may want to look at, specifically look for swing migration and move to a new server.


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      Re: Convert W2K Server to VM?

      it would also depend on your SBS licence.. if it's OEM, it's tied to a specific bit of hardware.

      Also, i've only seen problems with Windows 2000 hosts being virtualised.. it just never goes to plan.
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