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Windows XP Delay Logon

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  • Windows XP Delay Logon

    Hi Guys...

    I need you help on this ....
    my problem is after the user enter his logon information, the "Applying Computer settings" message takes about 2 -15 minutes to finally see the desktop.

    The Active Directory server is Windows 2003 sp1 and all clients are windows XP SP2.

    1- WINS exist on the network but not in the AD Server.
    2- DHCP configure to give WINS IP to the machines.

    Any suggestions on how to expedite the XP log on process will be appreciated.

    Also, I wander if the Global catalog has to do any thing with this problem.


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    Re: Windows XP Delay Logon

    This is most likely a DNS problem.

    Is DHCP assigning the DNS server address to the client. At the Command Prompt type ipconfig /all and check that it is there. Configure DHCP to assign it if it is missing.

    Check the DNS and see if there is an A Record entry for the IP address of that workstation. If not, you can manually add it.

    If this problem exists on more than one machine, you will need to fix your DNS setup.

    If you want to learn about how to install and use DNS correctly, I recommend Train Signal. A review of their excellent product can be read here.
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