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perms required to change share owner

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  • perms required to change share owner


    quick question regarding network shares:

    what level of permissions on a share are required for a user to be able to change the owner?

    Appreciate any assistance,



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    Re: perms required to change share owner

    Shares don't have owners. Ownership is an NTFS permission of the folder being shared but isn't an attribute of the share itself. Full control grants the user the ability to change ownership.


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      Re: perms required to change share owner

      gotcha. Thanks.

      grr. this is driving me nuts.

      I'm trying to give a group the ability to create subfolders in a directory (which is also a share) and change the ownership of the subfolder.

      I've tried giving the user group full control in both NTFS permissions and Share permissions but when a user of the group tries to create a subfolder in the directory - it says access denied!!

      any thoughts?


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        Re: perms required to change share owner

        Take a look at the effective permissions for the group on the parent folder. That might give you a clue as to what's going on.


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          Re: perms required to change share owner

          i checked effective permissions and all the boxes are ticked?

          I tried reflowing the perms on the entire folder and that did nothing either.

          Still cant create sub-folders with my user who is a member of the group who has "full control"...


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            Re: perms required to change share owner

            ............ i logged out with the user account and logged back in and now it worked.

            obviously the account didnt pick up the changes (either being added to the group or the perms given to that group) until the account reauthenticated with the DC.

            Thanks for helping me..!!
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              Re: perms required to change share owner

              not entirely unusual
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                Re: perms required to change share owner

                WHat really suprises me is that you can grant ntfs permissions to a user/group to "take ownership" of a folder - but you can grant permission to assign ownership of folder??

                It seems the only way you can grant this right is via the restore files and folders user rights privilge via GPO... and as this is a computer policy not a user policy - it grants the user the rights to assign ownership of files over all files on all computers in that OU.

                Thats terrible.

                We have a situation where we want admins to create peoples profile and home drive folders and then change ownership from themselves to the adminstrators group.

                Unless they're members of the administrators group/domain admins (which i dont want them to be) they cant assign ownership unless I give them the privilege via GPO. That privilege gives them too much rights over too many files. I only want them to be able to assign ownership on subfolders (i.e users h: folders) in our home drives share....

                It never ceases to amaze me how.... difficult... microsoft can make some tasks (which i would've thought would've been no-brainers..)