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Domain controller broke HELP

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  • Domain controller broke HELP

    My PDC is down for good . Before it went down I was able to recreate the users . I created my DHCP and also ran dcpromo on the new server and made it a DC. my problem is that my terminal servers and my newly created DC are looking for the PDC which no longer exists. I have read about FSMO? Roles and I am wondering if I need to assign these to my new DC. I cannot transfer the roles since the PDC is gone. Also I am getting win32 time time monitor errors. I know some system administration but to at this level. I am also getting an access denied error when users try to log into the terminal server.
    HELP! Thanks in advanced!

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    Re: Domain controller broke HELP

    If the original DC (btw, there is no such thing as a PDC any more) is down forever, you will need to seize the FSMOs (plenty of articles on that) and do a metadata cleanup to remove all traces of the old DC from AD and DNS

    Also make sure all servers with static IPs refer to the new DC for DNS, and that your DHCP scope gives out the IP of the new DC too.

    Set the new DC to look to itself for DNS.
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      Re: Domain controller broke HELP

      Once you seize the FSMO roles that were on the failed DC, you must never bring the server back onto the network without first reinstalling it.
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        Re: Domain controller broke HELP

        We are trying to seize the roles but it is failing because it is still trying to access the old DC. I already did all the other steps you mentioned. Now, how do I do a metadata cleanup?


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          Re: Domain controller broke HELP

          if you're seizing the roles, via the instructions on the knowledge base here, it will work and successfully seize them, even if it says the host is down.

          trust me. I did this 2 days ago.

          Just make sure you follow the instructions fully, step by step here

          and this

          and also here

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            Re: Domain controller broke HELP

            To all of you that reply. THANKS!!! All your answers were of great help. I used all information on the articles to get back on track. This has a very stressful week.