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building my website

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  • building my website

    Hi all,
    I run a few win2k systems on a small service company,
    I would like to have my small website online in the following days
    (I use the Samsung "router" to get my internet traffic)
    should I preffer win2k server as my web/ftp server or should I preffer a linux/other platform running on my network to get it started ?
    I use software firewall, and maitaining the website is non of my
    hobbies, so the more efficient and self-maintaining server, I would preffer...

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    I opine" go with Linux/Apache". Windows requires too much maintenance.


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      hardware requirements

      thanks for your reply,
      If LINUX is on the table, what to your opinion is the minimum hardware requirements for a LINIX + Apache system to run (+-)


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        Different types of web pages have different needs. In general, it is good to make your webserver powerful and robust enough to handle a bit of everything.

        The key to a good webserver is to make it STABLE! What good is a fast webserver if you need to reboot it every 3 days? You need a machine that you can leave on for months at a time (theoretically). Because of the reliability factor, many people buy computers from big companies like Dell and Gateway because they tend to use very basic Intel motherboards and CPUs with reference designs. These tend to be very stable machines. You can build your own machine yourself but make sure that you make it STABLE! This means avoiding overclocking, unproven drivers, and high temperatures.

        Remember that the bottleneck for your webserver will most likely NOT be your computer, but instead your DSL/Cable line. Most high-speed Internet lines are fast downstream, but pretty slow upstream.

        good luck.