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Additional Broadband Line on Server 2003

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  • Additional Broadband Line on Server 2003

    I maintain a Windows small business server 2003 with Exchange and SP2 installed and running. Only one NIC is installed. We are having an additional ADSL broadband line installed to cope with general demand. I have a dual WAN router which will cope with the extra line, and I have requested mail-relaying for the new line, however, I want to ensure that users can send and receive email utilising both circuits, once they're installed. Just wondering if there was a guide to this anywhere, or whether anyone who's done it might be generous enough to provide some pointers - in particular, I am not too sure what I'll need to do within Exchange itself. I'm told I need to add an MX record showing the new line's public IP so that incoming mail is received - does that sound right? Many thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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    Re: Additional Broadband Line on Server 2003

    Hi Michael,

    I am assuming you currently have an MX record, with a weight of say 10, pointing to your additional line.

    You need to create an additional MX record for the new ip address on the new line, Depending on how you wnt to play it, you could do one of two things
    either do another MX10, or do MX20, so it only comes into play if MX10 isn't reachable.

    You also need to make sure that port 25 on the new IP Address is forwarded to the exchange server.

    Probablly also best to get a reverse DNS on the new ip address.
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      Re: Additional Broadband Line on Server 2003

      Thanks very much for the advice - much appreciated. I've tried this and it ...kind of... works. What is happening now is bit odd:

      We have three domains on this server - that is to say, we have the main domain ( and then we have a couple of www domains which are specified in Recipient Policies. Exchange is now picking up mail addressed to our main address (someone @ restofname. co. uk) but is ignoring mail addressed to someone @ . I have no idea why this should be - do you happen to have any ideas?

      Thanks - again - in advance.