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Help! PDC has failed ...

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  • Help! PDC has failed ...

    I'm after some advice on what do to next ... Any help is much appreciated!

    I work for a secondary school that has two domains; one for students and one for staff. The PDC server on the student domain has failed and will not boot! The Exchange server that sits beside has a replicated AD from the failed PDC, so we have a 'copy' of our user accounts. I also have up-to-date backups of all student home folders too However our classroom computers will not log on and Exchange mailboxes are not available to access.

    I'd like to promote our Exchange server to become the PDC - I realise PDC/BDC are obsolete with Windows Server 2003, but you know what I mean! I've double checked and our Exchange server is now in charge of the Global Catalog. I'm also about to run ntdsutil.exe to force FSMO roles to our Exchange ... Is there anything else I need to do? Our Exchange server is not running DHCP, so I need to add that too. Basically, we would like students to be able to log on and staff to access Exchange mailboxes ... I'll sort out student's home folders later

    Ironically, we're updating our servers very soon to a more resilient server virtualization environment!


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    Re: Help! PDC has failed ...

    sounds like you'e pretty muchon the ball with things you need to do.

    although, from an interest point of view... why won't the server boot.. ?
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      Re: Help! PDC has failed ...

      Two disks have failed in a three disk RAID ... Due to budget, it's always been a bit of a rubbish setup, hence the cash injection for new servers (virtualized) with multiple disk SAN in one month. Talk about bad timing!


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        Re: Help! PDC has failed ...

        I've completed the transfer of FSMO to the Exchange server - It seems this was done automatically, as ntlsutil.exe popped up stating that the server already recognizes the roles

        No one can access Exchange though, and students still cannot log on


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          Re: Help! PDC has failed ...

          Getting confused with the two domains
          Can you describe (or better still, diagram) your infrastructure before and after the crash

          Can you connect to OWA locally on the Exchange server, and if you can, can you do it remotely?
          What Exchange error are users getting?
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