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netdiag false errors?

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  • netdiag false errors?

    Hi all.

    I am getting an error on all my dns servers in the forest which I think is bogus. It's basically telling me that each respective server is not registered properly in the dns, but when I check all the appropriate records are there. Replication is working properly now throughout. I know this because I added a child domain to the forest and another child's dns shows the new domain fine. Also dcdiag shows replication tests passed.

    Is it possible that netdiag is returning a failed DNS test in error?

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    Re: netdiag false errors?

    Here is the message I am getting:

    DNS test . . . . . . . . . . . . . : Failed
    [WARNING] The DNS entries for this DC are not registered correctly on DNS server ''. Please wait for 30 minutes for DNS server replication.
    [FATAL] No DNS servers have the DNS records for this DC registered.

    This is simply not true. This is the forest master. I have all the serv, ns, soa and a records. I just added a child domain to this forest and everything replicated to all the domain dns's. If what netdiag is saying is true that could never have succeeded.

    What *exactly* is netdiag checking that would give it the indication that the server is not registered in dns??


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      Re: netdiag false errors?

      Where is that DNS server is it the local machine???

      Try running netdiag /fix