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IIS6, multiple websites, one domain

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  • IIS6, multiple websites, one domain

    OK, first off I'm not knowledgable with IIS, so please forgive me if I'm asking the impossible.

    Server 2003 running Exchange. Our internal domain is the same as our external. We are successfully utilizing RPC/HTTPs so we have in IIS the default website set up with certificate, SSL, etc. to support that and so far it works great. Now my boss wants our customer database available to remote users through a web application.

    The database by default just installs an folder called 'help' (for example) in the wwwroot folder. In IIS it appears as an application under the default website. After some troubleshooting it's now working - the issue is that remote users need to open a web browser, enter the domain/help, provide domain creds, then provide the database creds to get access. I'd like to make it so they could just enter, and then just enter database creds (IE a second website with anon access that goes directly to the database app).

    I've created a second website in IIS using the wizard (was going to use host header method), and have all the files set up the same way as the current working version on the https default website. When I try to browse to it from a domain computer, I am still prompted for domain creds and then get a 'under construction' message.

    Is what I'm thinking impossible or illogical? Any advice appreciated.

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    Re: IIS6, multiple websites, one domain



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      Re: IIS6, multiple websites, one domain

      Check to make sure only Basic Authentication is enabled for the website and not Windows Integrated (I believe it's under the Security tab --> Authentication) or something similar.