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2003 Server: Sites and Services Question

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  • 2003 Server: Sites and Services Question

    I have a question regarding replication topology in sites and services.

    We have a relatively small network, only 8 domain controllers, each of these is at a different physical site. Sites are connected via POS wireless at 1.5MBs. Within 2003 sites and services(every DC is Win2003) each one of these DCs is a seperate Site(so 8 sites total in SnS's). There is only one IP site link set up which includes all sites. Replication is set to occur at 30 minutes.

    The problem is this: Every site has automatically created the same connection object to the same Domain Controller for replication. So 7 of the sites are going ONLY to this one DC for replication. Everything works fine with no errors, but we would prefer that sites create several different connection objects to other DCs so that the one DC is not overloaded. It also just so happens that the DC that the sites are all connecting to is probably the worst DC we have as far as performance.

    So how can we get sites to start going to other DCs in order to spread the load?

    Any help or suggestions are appriciated.


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    Re: 2003 Server: Sites and Services Question

    In general, you achieve direct replication between 2 sites by establishing a site link connecting the sites in question.

    Depending on your network and logical layout, you might choose one of the 2 most common approaches: full mesh or star topology or you could have a custom partial mesh.

    So the main question is: do you have HQ site, you want all your DCc to replicate from or do you want a different topology ?

    If all the sites are well connected, you could create a ring topology, where each DC has a site link to 2 other sites.

    Again, there are some factors you will need to consider, before establishing a topology:

    - are all the sites equal ?
    - do you have sites which are processing more changes than others ?
    - are all the network links equal ? (price, speed, average load)
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